The knowledge base sample application

The full Jolene distribution contains kbsample.war which is complete working application designed to demonstrate the features of Jolene.

To deploy the application in Tomcat simply copy kbsample.war into your webapps folder and restart Tomcat. To access the application use the url similar to the following (the port may be different).


Note the application should work under any compliant servlet container.

When the application first starts it creates a small H2 database in called kbdata in your home folder and adds an admin user. Use username: admin, password: admin to log in.

The application is allows users to create categorized knowledge base articles.  There are 3 user types: Viewers (only allowed to view), Editors (allowed to create and edit articles) and Administrators who can do everything including creating new users.  If if a user does not log in they are considered a Viewer.

The application can optionally use the jmesa grid instead of the default Jolene grid. The jmesa grid has a lot of nice advanced feaures. See the browseArticles method in the ArticleAction class.  You just need to comment one line and uncomment the other.

The UI is a little ugly and inconsistent because I've tried to cover as much of the Jolene features as possible. You're of course free to modify these html files as you wish. Also, not all the business logic is written.

The database persistence is handled by the excellent Persist library.

The source is supplied in To build the app you can run ANT from where you extracted the zip file (as long as you have ANT in your path).  You will need to modify to suit your environment. You can import this as a project in to Netbeans or Eclipse. The IDEA project files are included. The application is built under Java 5. It should work fine under Java 6.

If you're looking for the Netbeans sample project, click the link.